Crash Course

Everybody can learn beatbox.

We can help you with this.

With more than 20 years of experience and the colloboration with speech therapists and orthodontists, we have developed a concept for everyone!

 Course Content


  • Learning materials: video, image and sound files

  • 4-Week-Crash-Course instruction book

  • With tips & tricks for beginners and advanced

  • eBook – Beatbox: the next big thing for the music industry 

  • Pure digital

  • WhatsApp Group: Invitation to our WhatsApp group
    (without time limit)



“… I could already kick beats after two days!”


“The course has shown me especially how I could do the melody and a beat at the same time”


Course description


With simple technics we will bring you beatboxing closer, so you can start immidiatly in the first second. You can experience how you transform noices into real music.

The program helps you to start with beabtoxing and shows you later on how you can create your own beats:

Phase 1: The basics

Phase 2: Build your set of Beatbox-Beats

Phase 3: Special Sounds & individual Beats 

What does this Crash Course contains?

Videos & Images


4-Week-Crash-Course Instruction Book


WhatsApp Group Support

You are interested in beatboxing?


According to speech therapists and orthodontists the speech skills will be trained as well. Makes sense if you are using all the muscles within your mouth! Additionally, the pressure produced by the tongue within your mouth enables your teeth to growth in the right direction. This supports the growth phase of your teeth and this could shorten any therapy regarding your teeth.
For this purpose we have worked together with Dr. Andrea Freudenberg!


Dr. Andrea Freudenberg
Specialist for orthodontics

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Since more than 15 years we are offering workshops and we are active artists for large and small stages.

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